Coil Polishing

SMP’s metal coil polishing services include Stainless Steel, Aluminum and High Nickel Alloys. We have the capability to produce 1-sided and 2-sided coil polish with your choice of #3, #4, #6 and custom finishes. Our fully automated line can process your high volume program work while also supporting spot market opportunities. Whether your market is appliance, architectural or any application where finish is critical, Specialty Metals Processing is the source for quality coil polishing. As a toll processor, SMP does not buy or sell metal, we process our customers' metal and provide them a competitive advantage in their markets.  We are your partner, not your competitor- give us a call.

Metal Coil Polishing Services

Coil Polishing Specifications

Stainless Steel and other Alloys
Gauges: 0.020" - 0.125"
Widths: 36”- 62"
Max Weight
: 30,000#
#3, #4, & #6 & Custom Finishes
Expertise in light gauge polishing
1-sided polish with back-pass and 2-sided polish available
PVC coatings and paper Inter-leave to protect your finish